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Honoured Guru Dalai Lama will begin Puja at bodhgaya with a message of world peace during 14 to 25 Jan. 2016. This teaching is very advanced & there is a tradition of offering it to large public audiences.
May 1, 2015
Lohri is a popular Punjabi festival, celebrated by people from the Punjab region of India and Punjabi community all over India. It is one of the biggest Festival of Punjabis & Punjab.
January 13, 2015
As the largest FREE literary festival on earth, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival brings together some of the greatest thinkers and writers from across South Asia and the world.
December 1, 2014
The Government of India today launched its new Electronic Travel Authorisation system or what is more commonly called Tourist Visa on Arrival. This system will allow citizens of 43 countries to apply for their visas online and get their approval online as well.
November 28, 2014
Holi Party in Jaipur 2014 with Fun, Music, Colours & Elephants with Sanskriti Tours, Holi Festival Tours India, Festival tours in india, tours on Holi festival,
November 1, 2013
Mumbai gets new tourist spot - The Kanhoji Angre lighthouse off the Mumbai coast.
October 22, 2013
Chandrabhaga Fair at Jhalrapatan Rajasthan - 16-18 November 2013 - The Chandrabhaga fair is held every year at Jhalrapatan (6 kms from Jhalawar) in the month of Kartik.
October 20, 2013
Khajuraho Festival of Dances is celebrated from 20 to 26 February 2014, at the arrival of springs. The most colorful and brilliant classical dance forms of india with their roots in the rich cultural traditions across the country, offer a feast for the eyes during a week-long extravaganza here.
October 1, 2013
Grand makeover for Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi, Over six years, 2,00,000 man-days of work and efforts of 1,500 conservationists and craftsmen later, Humayun's Tomb is once again set to receive visitors. Built in the 1560s, on a far grander scale than any of its predecessors, it was the model for the Taj, according to historians.
October 1, 2013
Teej Festival in Jaipur on 9th & 10th August 2013, Sawan Teej Festival in Jaipur, Jaipur Teej Festival
July 5, 2013
6 HILL FORTS OF RAJASTHAN NOW IN UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE LIST - Amber Fort Jaipur, Amer Fort Chittaurgarh Fort, Gangron Fort, Jaialmer Fort, Kumbalgarh Fort, Ranthambore Fort
July 1, 2013
“RIFF (Rajasthan International Folk Festival), Jodhpur ranked amongst the Top 25 International Music Festivals in the world, is back again this year to enthrall music lovers from October 17-21 October, 2013. Each year in October for five days, RIFF celebrates different musical heritages and creates new sounds through innovative collaborations of connoisseur of folk arts & music”
June 15, 2013
The boat races of Kerala, the largest team sport in the world, impart experience beyond words. In Kerala, the season of boat races starts with the renowned Champakkulam Moolam Vallam Kali (vallam kali means boat race). The festival takes place at Champakkulam, a serene village in Alappuzha district, on the moolam asterism in the Malayalam month of mithunam
June 1, 2013
Rajasthan will home a third tiger reserve in the Mukundra Hills, as notified by the Government of Rajasthan.
April 22, 2013
4 star Hotel for USD 50 per night in Jaipur, Jaipur Hotel Rates, Regenta Central Jal Mahal Jaipur Hotel Rates
April 5, 2013