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Chittaurgarh Fort


"the story of bravery and the beautiful queen who commited Jauhar"

Chittaur epitomises valour. Throughout its history, this fortified settlement saw siege after siege but refused to bow before foreign power. Chittorgarh is the epitome of Chattari Rajput (Indian warrior caste) pride, romance and spirit for people of Chittor always chose death before surrendering against anyone. It reverberates with history of heroism and sacrifice that is evident from the tales still sung by the bards of Rajasthan. Though it can now be called a ruined citadel there is much more to this huge fort. It is a symbol of all that was brave, true and noble in the glorious Rajput tradition.

Tales are told here of Padmini’s regal beauty and the bloodbath it created; of a princess who was also a poetess; and of chivalry and Rajput gallantry. The Fort situated on a hill and spread over 700 acres is believed to constructed by Bhim, one of the heroes of the epic Mahabharata. Vijay Stambh - the victory tower, it is 37 mts high with 9 stories. It was built in 1440 to commemorate Maharana Kumbha’s victory over Muslim rulers of Malwa and Gujarat. The Rana Kumbha palace - the place where princess Padmini and other royal ladies committed ‘Jauhar’ - refer to the voluntary deaths of women of the Rajput clan in order to avoid capture and dishonour at the hands of their enemies.


In 1303 AD, Ala-ud-din Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi besieged Chittor fort, which was under the control of Rana Rawal Ratan Singh. The Rana allowed Khilji one glimpse of his wife, Rani Padmini, in a mirror, before he was at the gates and held hostage for Padmini. Padmini sent misleading information that she would join Ala-ud-din, but she was to come with 700 women as befitted her status. The Rajputs were thus able to infiltrate about 2000 men into Ala-ud-din's camp and eventually defeat him.

Beaten, Ala-ud-din returned to Delhi, only to come back better equipped early the next year. The Chittaur & Rajput defence failed as a result of this second attack and all the men, perished on the battlefield while their womenfolk, led by Maharani Padmini, performed Jauhar.
The siege of Chittor, its brave defence by the Guhilas, the saga of Rani Padmini and the Jauhar she led are legendary.
This incident has had a defining impact upon the Rajput character and is detailed in a succeeding section.

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