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Khajuraho Dance Festival (From 20 to 26 February 2014)

Khajuraho Festival of Dances is celebrated from 20 to 26 February 2014, at the arrival of springs. The most colorful and brilliant classical dance forms of india with their roots in the rich cultural traditions across the country, offer a feast for the eyes during a week-long extravaganza here.

The Indian traditions of dance have been considered to be divine in origin. In indian mythodilogy, the gods and goddesses are big lovers of music that comproses vocal singing, instrumental music and dance.

Some of the gods are great dancers themselves. Shiva's cosmic dance, the Tandava, Lord Krishna's Rass Leela with the Gopis (female partners), and the legendry beautiful and most skilled dancers known as apsaras, such as Menaka, Urvashi and Rambha, in the celestical court of Lord Indra, the King of Gods, are well versed in the heavenly art of music and dance. These dances of the mind and soul pervade all aspects of life and bring color, joy and gaiety to the festivals and ceremonies of this country.

These dances materialize against the backdrop of the glorious temples of Khajuraho, which stand a testimony to the glorious past of India's cultural richness. This temple complex glows with the warmth of sandstone which is ornamented with the sinous curves of sculpture unparalleled in their beauty.